Ripple CEO Slams SEC: Power & Politics Over Sound Policy

• BlockFi CEO ignored warnings about FTX prior to its collapse, court documents allege.
• Mysterious self-proclaimed Binance stakeholder “Eeon” seeks to intervene in SEC’s lawsuit against the exchange.
• Binance has laid off 1,000 or more employees and Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse believes the SEC has been prioritizing „power and politics“ over sound policy.

BlockFi CEO Neglected Warnings Prior to FTX Collapse

Court documents allege that BlockFi CEO neglected warnings about FTX prior to its collapse. The mysterious self-proclaimed Binance stakeholder “Eeon” is seeking to intervene in the SEC’s lawsuit against the exchange.

Binance Quietly Laying Off Employees

Binance has quietly laid off 1,000 or more employees in recent weeks with some estimates suggesting up to a 30% cut in workforce. Alex Mashinsky was released on $40 million bail as he vehemently denies fraud charges.

Larry Fink’s Thoughts on Crypto

Larry Fink unpacked BlackRock’s approach to crypto saying that it can “transcend any one currency“. He also expressed his optimism towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology being used for both retail and institutional investors alike.

Ripple CEO Criticizes SEC

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse criticized the SEC for putting ‘power and politics’ over ‘sound policy’ when it comes to cryptocurrency regulations. He believes that the regulatory body is sowing confusion in the market by not providing clear rules for crypto players instead of bullying them.


Overall, this article discussed BlockFi CEO’s negligence regarding warnings about FTX prior its collapse, layoffs at Binance, Larry Fink’s thoughts on cryptocurrency, and RippleCEO Brad Garlinghouse criticizing the SEC for their lack of proper regulations relating crypto players.

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