Amazon NFT Marketplace Set to Launch: Rumors Circulate

• Nigerian government has formally approved the use of blockchain technology.
• Rumors are circulating that Amazon is set to launch a NFT marketplace by May 15th.
• US lawmaker says CBDCs are tools for coercion and control.

Nigerian Government Approves Blockchain Use

The Nigerian government has officially given its stamp of approval for the use of blockchain technology, paving the way for further development and adoption in Nigeria. This move highlights the growing recognition of blockchain as a legitimate technology in many countries around the world, particularly those in Africa.

Rumors Circulate About Amazon NFT Marketplace

Rumors have been circulating that Amazon is preparing to launch its own NFT marketplace by May 15th, which could potentially be a game-changer for new buyers and sellers alike. Details first emerged from Blockworks back in January, with other outlets such as Yahoo Finance adding more information since then. If true, this will mean that users may not need dedicated crypto wallets such as MetaMask to purchase or sell NFTs on Amazon’s platform – making it much easier for those just starting out with collectibles.

Bitdeer Expands To Bhutan

In addition to news about an Amazon NFT marketplace, Bitdeer recently announced their expansion into Bhutan, expecting to raise $500 million USD via their venture there. Bitdeer plans to offer services such as cloud mining and computing power rental within Bhutan, enabling users to access cryptocurrency resources more easily than ever before.

US Lawmaker Speaks Out On CBDCs

Recently US lawmaker Brad Sherman spoke out against Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), stating that they would be tools used for coercion and control. Sherman suggested that these digital currencies could be used by powerful governments to gain financial leverage over citizens and businesses – although he did not give any specific examples of how this might occur in practice; something which has caused some skepticism towards his claims among industry experts.

Mashinsky Argues Celsius Earn Accounts Are Not Securities

Finally, Alex Mashinsky recently argued that Celsius Earn accounts should not be classified as securities under U.S law – despite numerous lawsuits being filed against the company alleging otherwise. Mashinsky believes that due to their nature as non-custodial accounts which do not offer investors voting rights or ownership stake; they should therefore not fall under securities regulations according to existing legal frameworks in America today

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