$125M CoinDesk Deal: Final Stages Revealed!

• CoinDesk deal may be in final stages of completion
• Private writings from the months leading up to Alameda, FTX collapse revealed in legal discovery process
• Apple developing AI chatbot, Societe Generale subsidiary receives France’s first crypto services license, Terraform Labs appoints CEO and Tokenized Deposits favored by South Korean Banks as alternatives to Stablecoins

CoinDesk Deal

A $125M CoinDesk deal may be in its final stages. The private writing of Caroline Ellison from the months leading up to the collapse of Alameda and FTX have been uncovered as part of a legal discovery process.

Apple Developing Chatbot

Apple is also reported to be developing its own AI chatbot as an internal tool. This comes after news that a Societe Generale subsidiary received France’s first crypto services license and Terraform Labs appointing Chris Amani as its new CEO to replace Do Kwon.

Tokenized Deposits

South Korean banks are now favoring tokenized deposits as an alternative to stablecoins in preparation for potential CBDC projects led by the Bank of Korea. Woori Bank has expressed interest in CD tokens through a recent report issued by its research body.

Crypto Regulation Strategy

South Korea’s financial regulators are strategizing the final aspects of new rules for the country’s cryptocurrency industry which will focus on regulating crypto-asset issuance, tackling conflicts of interest, and establishing consumer protection measures.


All these developments suggest that South Korea is becoming increasingly open towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. With this growing trend, it only seems like a matter time before other countries follow suit with their own regulations surrounding digital assets.

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